The Bearies

By teachingtots

June 30, 2009

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Mommy thought… lets buy 8 Pooh Lovies since the girls were getting very attached to them. Two for the car, two for the crib, two in the wash and two extra in case they stop making them…

At first they didn’t seem to notice if I switched them out for washing or gave them whatever bear to sleep with. Then I tried to give them new ones to trade out the old ones, they didn’t want them!

It soon became apparent that they had agreed upon names for each of them.

We looked at the pooh lovies, and to us they all looked alike…so we set up a test and they named each bear without a second’s hesitation. It was hilarious. When asked, they couldn’t tell us why they knew who each was…they just knew.

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One Response to “The Bearies”

  1. That is amazing…and too cute. My oldest can tell “identical” stuff apart too.

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