The Mountain House

By teachingtots

July 2, 2009

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We have come here since the girls were born and preparing and packing for this trip is always like reaching new milestones.

Our first trip, the girls were in carriers and and the mini van was completely loaded for a two day stay. The double stroller, the co-sleeper, the booster seats…

Next came the crawling stage where we had every contraption and safety item from the Super Yard to cabinet locks and electric plug covers, and thick mats to sleep on.

Then came the entertainment stage where we brought the endless bag of snacks for the ride, new books and toys to keep them busy.

Now, they pack their own little backpack and fill it with books, stuffed animals and small toys and we are bringing their first set of clubs!

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One Response to “The Mountain House”

  1. Very sweet post…it’s amazing that you can track their growth by the annual trip you take and what is packed.

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